Afgang 2021: Susana Nunes

(kandidat, music performance)
24. jun. 2021

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ENTRE (Come in- / In-between-)

This immersive performance framed in three acts reflects on cycles, transmutation, rituality and relations. Its name is an invitation while also referring to the in-between.

Taking inspiration from Portuguese folk music and abstract electronics, as well as perfectly orchestrated parallel conversations and the compositions of our daily interactions, Susana navigates towards re-inventions and explorative ways of moving forward while carrying ancient knowledge. Writing in her mother tongue, she seeks the umbilical connection with her roots, for it feeds the relation with her intimate narrative. It is through an affection towards words that Susana explores language, translation and symbols, seeking sensorial communication.

Susana invites us to be present in a delicate space, while exploring membranes of what is connecting and dividing us at the same time.

Susana Nunes - voice, synth, electronics
Ida Urd - bass, synth bass
Marijke Maes - synth, rhodes, voice
Judith Parts - violin
Ida Nørby - cello
Valeria Miracapillo - laptop, live processing
Flavia Huarachi - voice, flute
Amanda Drew - voice
Anabela Veloso - Portuguese voice
Filipa Afonso - Portuguese voice
Cris Tejo - Portuguese Voice
Cecilie Grønbeck - costume and room

All compositions, text, concept and production by Susana Nunes

24. jun. 2021
18.45 til 19.25
Koncertsalen, RMC
Leo Mathisens Vej 1
Kbh K

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