Afgang 2021: Lasse Vistisen

(bachelor, musiker)
14. jun. 2021

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With a huge passion and longing for night club parties - where four on the floor kick drums, groovy bass lines and mechanical sequencers sets the scene, PLAN B will do their best to meet this mood in a pandemic-affected evening.

The sound touches dark and electronic techno vibes, spiced with the raw energy of the post-punk scene. Throughout, the instrumental compositions are uptempo, with a dominance of loops and progress.

Polish your dancing shoes and have a seat.    

Joel Henryson – synth, electronics, effects
Lasse Vistisen – bass 
Troels Dankert – drums 

14. jun. 2021
19.20 til 19.40
Akvariet, RMC
Leo Mathisens Vej 1
Kbh K

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