Afgang 2021: Judith Parts

(kandidat, music creation)
15. jun. 2021

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Judith Parts is a musician, producer and a composer but mostly a daydreamer from Estonia. Living in Denmark for the last two years has made her look at where she comes from and how that has influenced her. Her latest work is all somehow connected to her roots, home, family, ancestors and the connection to the nature where she grew up. She is diving into the melancholic part of the human soul where many unanswered questions lie that keep us both strong and fragile. How much are we ourselves and how much are we a collection of the ones who came before us? In her music she is combining acoustic instruments with electronics and playing around freely with the concept of a pop song.

On stage with her will be Susana Nunes, Ben Rodney, Ida Nørby and Mads Kinnerup.
Visuals by Jari Matsi.

More on Judith's website and Instagram.

15. jun. 2021
18.30 til 19.10
A118, RMC
Leo Mathisens Vej 1
Kbh K

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