Afgang 2021: Holger Seidelin

(bachelor, komposition)
24. jun. 2021

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Are u Awake??

The performance 'Are u Awake??' investigates the collapse of a relationship and its bond to the crash of western civilizations. Through music, text and dance Holger investigates the western, typical white privilege, bond to love and politics. The eager to greatness and world dominance that fed our culture since almost forever, and in which now is visible for us, because it kills and destabilize humans and nature around us.

The works are created in Copenhagen and Berlin. The music focus on possibilities of the male voice, the meet of analog and modern sound and composition/arrangement as a grip of storytelling. The text is a mixture of poetry and journaling, that focus on history, scenery, sickness, and DNA. The dance investigates the unique rhythm and movement of every individual in a meet with contemporary dance. All together in one performance.


24. jun. 2021
18.15 til 18.35
Akvariet, RMC
Leo Mathisens Vej 1
Kbh K

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