Afgang 2021: Francesco Toninelli

(bachelor, musiker)
15. jun. 2021

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The Oracles

Ages are past since the Lord 
sent beauty to the world.
Wild and chaos are now.
In my ice is terror
In your pain, my shelter.

'The Oracles' is a chamber stage work about mystery, mythology, dream: the past. A hermetic yet apollonian complexity is created at times through purely linguistical devices or rather lying in the space between human and animal, in the space between human and angelic. The line is blurry between fiction and chaos.

Francesco Toninelli is a performer and composer from Florence, Italy. His music is created with a special attention to the semantic use of recorded sounds, developing a research largely based within the relationship with the past and hypothesis for new narrations and articulations of obsolete aesthetics, weaving connections to baroque art, mythology, rurality. The result is crystalized in bizzare layerings refering as much to a toccata as to videogame sound design.

Rafał Różalski - performer 
Michaela Turcerová - performer 
Lorenzo Colocci - flute
Michał Biel - soprano saxophone
Signe Christa Noah Andersen - bassoon
Tyge Jensen - trumpet
Barbara Kammer - viola
Gintė Preisaitė - piano
Irene Bianco - percussion
Francesco Toninelli - live electronics and mixing, composition

Listen on Soundcloud.

15. jun. 2021
18.00 til 18.20
Koncertsalen, RMC
Leo Mathisens Vej 1
Kbh K

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