Afgang 2021: Daniel Sousa

(kandidat, music performance)
23. jun. 2021

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'shapebytrace' is a compositional work framed in 7 acts. a collection of musical impressions that took place during the last 2 years. each act, reconstructs a personal experience, or rather a new level of understanding, that added a layer to my conceptions.

1. intro; 2. bass; 3. sax; 4. stereo piano; 5. voices; 6. track; 7. plus everything;

in a slow-paced structure, the piece explores sound and its different dimensions – acoustic, analog and digital – introducing a pre-conceived sphere that is in constant expansion.

designed as a gradient that moves from the past towards the present, 'shapebytrace' is a continuous evolving form, that reveals who I am now.

aesthetics glossary: classical, atmospheric, impro, electronic.

Margaux Oswald - piano, operator
Lucas Dann - piano, rhodes
PJ Fossum - synthesizers
Joel Henryson - MS20, effects
Dani - conducting, saxophone, sampler

Pre-recorded tracks:
Anna Scharling - voice
Thea Wang - voice
Ginte Presaite - voice
Marijke Florien - voice
Mads Kinnerup - modular 

Composed by Dani
All pre-recorded tracks produced by Dani

More on Facebook and Instagram.

23. jun. 2021
19.20 til 20.00
A118, RMC
Leo Mathisens Vej 1
Kbh K

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