Afgang 2021: Anja T. Lahrmann

(kandidat, music creation)
14. jun. 2021

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The project 'Chiasma' is the first step into a musical exploration of the cross as a visual symbol, a rhetoric model and a dramaturgic curve. The project is an attempt to approach the concert format as a kind of narrative sequence. Within this, the music unfolds like small paths in a landscape where you as a listener can either lose yourself or move swiftly through. The musicians contribute to this scenario by playing both as a single organism as well as individual protagonists – almost like actors leading a story forward.

Anja T. Lahrmann is a composer, musician and producer and has since 2015 been performing under her solo moniker Excelsior. In 2019 she released her cross-aesthetic album and art book 'O Horizon' in collaboration with Danish label The Big Oil Recording Company.

Ida Urd Bramming - bass & voice
Josefine Hilfing - voice
Susana Nunes - voice
Jonathan Jull Ludvigsen - drums
Rune Risager - guitar
Anja T. Lahrmann - voice & keys 

Listen on Youtube, more on Instagram and Facebook.

14. jun. 2021
18.30 til 19.10
A118, RMC
Leo Mathisens Vej 1
Kbh K

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