The Shining of Things

28. mar. 2011

Af Hanne Boel (tidligere ansat)

THE SHINING OF THINGS is an album of carefully selected songs enriched by Hanne Boel’s personal experience, character and interpretive power.

The idea was recording a CD with an extended line-up while retaining the intimacy and presence of the duo format. We have tried to keep a balance, avoiding too much Puritanism in a song’s arrangement and not keeping to a preconceived concept. These days, when anything is possible in a modern recording studio, and we aren’t performing spontaneously in the moment, this is a challenge. Our mantra has been to allow the recording situation to become a third partner – to let the possibilities play a role as well.
This selection features 11 very different songs in 11 very different arrangements unfolding various moods ranging from breathtakingly intimate to grandiose, bound together by sensitivity and interpretive prowess. 

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