New preview about Artistic Research from RMC

What is Artistic Research at Rhythmic Music Conservatory in Copenhagen?
6. Dec 2017

Is it possible to write works for the inner ear that the listener has to imagine themselves? How does an improvising solo performer create dialogic and interactive music when there is only one person on stage? And what happens musically when the usually monophonic saxophone produces multiphonics?

The answers are investigated by composers and musicians at Rhythmic Music Conservatory (RMC) through the specific form of artistic exploration known as Artistic Research at the schools of the Danish Ministry of Culture.

A new printed release from RMC presents a selection of published and ongoing artistic research activities from teachers at the conservatory such as Niels Lyhne LøkkegaardSøren Kjærgaard, Kresten OsgoodJacob AnderskovLaura Toxværd og Torben Snekkestad.

Find the folder HERE (in pdf format).

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By the Danish Ministry of Culture's definition, artistic research is an integrated part of any artistic process ammounting to an outcome available to the public, and accompanied by a reflection upon the process itself as well as the presentation of the result.