Three new Artistic Research Projects at RMC

Nikolaj Hess, Lars Greve and Lotte Anker has been chosen to do Artistic Research by the Ministry of Culture.
24. Jan 2019

How can art painting methodically be transformed into new music? What live potentials lie in including the resonance of a concert space? And how do you compose in dialogue with a larger ensemble of improvising musicians?

The answers to these questions will in the coming years be sought at the Rhythmic Music Conservatory (RMC) by the three composers and musicians Nikolaj Hess, Lars Greve and Lotte Anker.

All projects fall under the form of artistic investigation and reflection, known internationally as Artistic Research (AR).

RMC have been granted 1,34 million kr. by the Danish Ministry of Culture's “Pulje til Kunstnerisk Udviklingsvirksomhed” (Pool for Artistic Research) to complete the projects:

Nikolaj Hess' Transformative Reflections' (expected publication 2021); 

Lars Greve's 'Rooms of Resonance' (expected publication 2020); 

and Lotte Anker's 'Texture and Form in Composing for Larger Ensembles of Improvisors' (expected publication 2020).

Read more about AR from RMC.


By the Danish Ministry of Culture's definition, artistic research is an integrated part of any artistic process ammounting to an outcome available to the public, and accompanied by a reflection upon the process itself as well as the presentation of the result.