Vocal communication in various musical genres

13. Mar 2014
In Progress

By Hanne Boel (former employee)

In this project, the Rhythmic Music Conservatory and the Royal Danish Academy of Music are collaborating in the development of singing teaching. The project is funded by the Ministry of Culture's special research grant for collaborative research between the academies of music.

Professor Hanne Boel (RMC), Associate Professor Susanna Eken (RDAM) and medical specialist Bo Hunicke (RDAM and the University of Copenhagen) explore the interface between “classical” and “rhythmic” singing in terms of both expression and physiology. The research is based on the common parameters of instrument and expressive tools, and the differences of genre and aesthetics. The following topics are covered: Instrument awareness and declamation; Heart rate/rhythm and improvisation; Physiology, possibly supplemented with malfunction and acoustic measurements. 

The results will be summarised in article form with a view to peer review and publication. A brief communicative article will also be written.