The inner necessity of change

21. Mar 2014

By Jesper Svejdahl and Simon Thorsen (former employee)

In recent years, under the stimulus of falling pupil numbers, Denmark’s music schools have maintained an intensive focus on developing their existing core activities and new types of educational programmes. The goal of this project is to examine how music schools (with Faxe Municipal Music School as a case study) can work to define, formulate and achieve specific goals for the transformation of their core activities. The work has been carried out over two years, and is described in this report.

The project is part of RMC’s focus area ‘Development of up-to-date learning environments and teaching practices in the field of contemporary music’, in collaboration with a number of music education institutions in Sealand and Funen, and has been carried out in collaboration with Faxe Municipal Music School. 

You can read the projectreport, HERE