RMC Podcast: Interview with Barry Guy

The influential British bassist, composer and Honorary Professor at RMC in conversation with Torben Snekkestad.
23. Mar 2020

Barry Guy talks about the early years of improvised music in London, how he developed his interest in graphic scores, the London Jazz Composers Orchestra, and the double bass as an instrument belonging equally to the early baroque music as well as contemporary improvised music.

Guy was appointed Honorary Professor at RMC in 2017 and also talks about his recent work ‘Hotshop’, which was commissioned by RMC for an ensemble of students both from RMC and The Royal Danish Academy of Music, the inspiration for the work, working with the students and the score with both fully notated and improvisation parts.

The music used in this episode all stems from the premiere concert performance of the piece ‘Hotshop’ on 4 October 2019 in Brorsons Church in Copenhagen - the full recording follows as the next episode of RMC Podcast.

Listen below, or at Pinecast, or via your preferred podcast service.


Interview: Torben Snekkestad

Editing and postproduction: Jan Høgh Stricker

Concert recording: Lars Nissen, Lars Rex Christensen and Music Production students from RMC.

Concert mastering: Simon Mariegaard


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