Introduction to Karlheinz Stockhausen’s ‘Stimmung’

Take part in a workshop with Danish composer and singer Randi Pontoppidan that introduces Karlheinz Stockhausen’s legendary work ‘Stimmung’.
27. Feb 2019

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Stockhausens work ’Stimmung’ form 1968 is written for six voices and six microphones, and is the first major Western composition to be based entirely on the production of vocal harmonics in the style of ancient Tibetian harmonic singing, and the first to use overtones as a primary element.

The Danish composer and Singer Randi Pontoppidan will lead the workshop. Pontoppidan has performed the work a number of times in concert halls all around the world together with the famous vocal ensemble Theater of Voices. Stockhausen’s work has had a major influence on her own musical development. She will introduce to the work, her own approach to it, the score, and how she prepares for a performance of this difficult work.

The workshop emphasizes participation from the all of the attendants. A willingness to engage with the work, with the overtone singing and the improvisation that is also a central part of this work.

The workshop is open for trained singers as well as untrained, as long as they are comfortable participating actively in the workshop.

The workshop has a max capacity of 20 participants, and registration is necessary. Write an email to jast (ad) to register.

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27. Feb 2019
16.00 to 19.00
Akvariet, RMC
Eik Skaløes Plads 1
København K