Video: Solo during quarantine

Experience performances from the home studio by 1st Year Masters Students at RMC.
28. Apr 2020

In the midst of the Coronavirus Crisis the planned live solo concert performance for all 1st Year Masters Students at RMC was unfortunately cancelled due to the lockdown of Denmark.

Still, under these radically changed conditions, the students kept on pursuing their artistic visions in the solo format: at home and documented on video.

The solo works, performances and presentations from five of the students is put together in this joint "concert film" with the home recordings:

Concert programme

'MEŽA MĀTE' by Uldis Vītols

'På Restaurant' by Anna Scharling

'Morgenrøden' by Anna Scharling

'The Lord Descended' a video presentation by Rasmus Bak

'17th time that autumn' by Thea Emilie Wang

'Inhaling the Unknown' by Fama M´Boup

Duration: 35’45