Spring Gatherings: Music as Diversity Work

RMCs free online panel 'Music as Diversity Work - A Moderated Conversation with Nazila Kivi'.
24. Feb 2021

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To participate in the event please register using this Zoom link.
The conversation will be in English.

Rhythmic Music Conservatory (RMC) and the music committee of Holmen Killjoy invites you to attend a moderated conversation with Danish-Persian critic, translator, essayist etc. Nazila Kivi about Sara Ahmeds Killjoy figure and what relevance this figure can have within the artistic educational system.

A ‘killjoy’ is someone who experiences and points out discrimination and inequality.

How can we use the killjoy figure at the artistic educational institutions to work together against discriminating structures, and become allies? What is a feminist Killjoy and whose joy is being killed? What can others (teaching staff, faculty, students that are not minoritized) do to create an atmosphere that is safe for the Killjoy to act in?

These questions + yours via the zoom chat.

Presented in collaboration with and moderated by Maxe Lund Johansen and Anna Wærum of the Music Committee from Holmen Killjoy.


About Nazila Kivi:
Nazila Kivi is a critic, translator, essayist and external lecturer in gender studies and queer theory. She is the co-founder of Friktion magazine and holds a BA from Copenhagen University with a gender certificate for her focus on body, gender and minorities, and an MA in Cultural Encounters and Communication Studies from Roskilde University. With her diverse background in medicine, public health science and cultural studies Nazila Kivi works in the intersection between activism, art and science.

About Spring Gatherings
How do categories of gender, ethnicity and mental conditions influence our possibilities to make and work with music and art?

Following present social, cultural and political changes in society we see the need to look into the possibilities for access, participation and representation at RMC and within the music industry: How do categories of gender, ethnicity and mental conditions affect our possibilities to make and work with music and art?

Therefore, RMC Event launches Spring Gatherings – on art, culture, identity, diversity and activism in 2021. Together with a wide range of artists, musicians, researchers and managers we will discuss representation and diversity in relation to artistic quality, change and equality.

In this context ‘representation’ is connected to how the school, the industry and society enable all bodies and expressions to feel welcome, at home, seen, and heard. Do you see your own reality, history and stories reflected in the world around you? Do you feel safe in your surrounding environment?

This event series is meant to keep an open approach to the term representation, and more importantly, what it looks, feels and sounds like to you?

We hope for nuanced debates that call for action, where we develop ourselves and our artistic project as individuals and a collective.

24. Feb 2021
16.00 to 17.30
Online via Zoom