RMC præsenterer på Stairway: Joseph Engbo Andersen + Anna-Lucia + Personal Assistant + Marijke Florien

Oplev spændende musikere fra Københavns talentmasse, når Rytmisk Musikkonservatorium (RMC) inviterer til gratis 1. års-kandidatkoncerter på Stairway.
8. Jun 2021

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kl. 19.00: Joseph Engbo Andersen
kl. 20.00: Anna-Lucia
kl. 21.00: Personal Assistant
kl. 22.00: Marijke Florien


Joseph Engbo Andersen

Composer, singer, songwriter.




Anna-Lucia is a collector, a traveller, an observer, a storyteller and a creator. She frames situations and captures perspectives. In that sense she doesn’t only express herself musically but creates from an interplay between herself and her surroundings. “I create music on the basis of photography – I see a color, I hear a sound.“

Her origins are classical piano and jazz voice which interweave easily in her solo project where she composes core songs on piano and voice but arranges for variable instrumentations again and again. Her current program involves warm and earthy acoustic instruments with coexisting sharp sounds from electronic instruments and eclectic rhythm patterns. Shruti box, zither, cello, synthesizers, prepared piano and flute with multiple voices floating on top. Harmonic changes take you on an unexpected journey. Dark and deep soundscapes evolving into lighter moods and transparently shimmering colours. It’s like watching a photograph with minimalistic lines, expressive tones and foggy shades.

Anna-Lucia Rupp – voice, piano, synths, shruti box, zither
Marijke Maes – voice, piano, synths
Amanda Drew – voice, cello, synths
Flavia Huarachi – voice, flute
Siv Øyunn – voice, drums

More on Anna-Lucia's website, Instagram and Facebook.



Personal Assistant

A selection of laconic hymns to self-care in a time where well-being seems to be a depleting resource. Personal Assistant has created an environment of organic and synthetic sounds in a collage that is both plastic and natural. Wavy guitars, hyper-real synths and ritualistic choir patterns weave around a vocal that is half-way through no tomorrow.  In these deconstructed singer/song-writer-esque tracks, Personal Assistant seems to ask what we decide to do with the time we are given, and how we choose to spend what little resources are available to us.

Oliver Nehammer
Lui Falkentorp
Zeki Jindyl



Marijke Florien

After having been active as the artist Audri, Marijke Florien Maes now decides it’s time for something different! Now playing under her real name, she will perform the first pieces of a concept album she’s been working on for the past few months.  

‘Anætomy’ is the name of the project and represents a journey through the human body. She tells the story with her two companions on keys and drums, and will be accompanied by four wonderfully talented singers.

Marijke Florien Maes - vocals, synth, laptop
Paul Jacob Fossum - piano, synth
Ivar Myrsted Asheim - drums, sampler
Anna-Lucia Rupp - vocals  Sisa Fehér - vocals
Amanda Drew - vocals
Flavia Huarachi - vocals

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Der vil kun være siddepladser og kapaciteten er begrænset på grund af retningslinjerne for spillesteder som følge af situationen med Covid-19.

Koncertsalen skal rengøres imellem hver koncert, så publikum skal forlade salen.


Admittance must be booked in advance – sign up on the guest list HERE

Seated audience only and a limited capacity due to the guidelines for reopening cultural events during the Covid-19 situation.

The concert hall must be cleaned between each concert, and the audience will be asked to step outside.

8. Jun 2021
19.00 to 22.30
Lindehøjen 12