RMC has gradually re-opened

With controlled conditions and strict guidelines.
18. May 2020

By Monday 18 May Rhythmic Music Conservatory (RMC) has gradually reopened for all teaching, exam and research activities that require physical attendance.

All other activities continue to take place online or as work from home.

The opportunity to rehearse and use premises and facilities is subject to access control, capacity management and strict health guidelines, ensuring that it is safe and secure to study and work at the conservatory.

Guards ensure that only students, staff and external partners booked in advance has access, and inside the premises RMC has taken numerous initiatives in accordance with the guidelines of the health authorities:

Among other things, access conditions have been changed, corridors and stairs are unidirectional, and common areas are closed off. The number of people in all teaching and rehearsal rooms, sound studios and concert halls has been restricted, and procedures have been introduced for hygiene and disinfection of equipment in connection with the use of the facilities.

RMC was physically shut down on 12 March as part of the authorities' efforts to curb the spread of coronavirus (COVID-19) in Denmark.

On 30 April a controlled gradual reopening only for graduating students was initiated.

foto af rmc's facade