Co-creation and performative listening: Two new Artistic Research Projects at RMC

Morten Büchert and Anders Mathiasen has been chosen to do Artistic Research by the Ministry of Culture.
16. Mar 2021

How do producers negotiate artistic co-ownership in the studio? And what happens when listening becomes performative and creative, rather than receptive?

The answers to these questions will in the coming years be sought at the Rhythmic Music Conservatory (RMC) by, respectively, Music Producer and Associate Professor Morten Büchert and Composer, Musician and Assistant Professor Anders Mathiasen.

Both projects fall under the form of artistic investigation and reflection, known internationally as Artistic Research. It is a discipline in which teachers work to explore new areas and ways of working through artistic experiments and methods for the benefit of their own practice, the art form and the knowledge base of the educational institutions.

RMC have been granted 1,0 million DKK by the Danish Ministry of Culture's Comittee for Artistic Research to complete the projects:

Morten Büchert's 'The music producer as artistic co-creator' (expected publication 2023); 

and Anders Mathiasen's 'Sound Art as Perceptive Performance' (expected publication 2023).

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By the Danish Ministry of Culture's definition, artistic research is an integrated part of any artistic process ammounting to an outcome available to the public, and accompanied by a reflection upon the process itself as well as the presentation of the result.