Afgang 2021: Valeria Miracapillo

(bachelor, komposition)
21. Jun 2021

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The Maze

Valeria Miracapillo works with electronics, composition and sound art. She programs her own instruments, arranging the algorithmic framework within musical ideas often driven by physical and spatial concepts such as masses of sound grains, density of clouds, placement of speakers in the room. Synthesis and algorithms serve as foundation for a creative process inspired by the experimental and improv local scene as much as avant-garde film and magic realism literature.

For her bachelor concert she brings an electro-acoustic setup supported by Karen Juhl on vocals, Lorenzo Colocci on flute, Ida Nørby on cello and Aureljius Uzameckis on double bass. The ensemble embarks on a journey to the core of a maze, a time labyrinth. Their voices resonate among stone corridors, fragmented echoes of their past chase them until dawn. The centripetal force of time pushes them toward the core.

Hebdomeros distrust novelty as much as imagination:
“ [...] what we need is discovery. Discovering makes life possible to reconcile with its mother, Eternity.
By discovering we pay our tribute to that minotaur we call Time,
depicted as an old wrinkled man, sitting thoughtfully between the sickle and the hourglass”
G. De Chirico

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21. Jun 2021
18.20 to 18.40
A118, RMC
Leo Mathisens Vej 1
Kbh K

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