Afgang 2021: Morten Poulsen

(kandidat, music creation)
15. Jun 2021

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Danish artist Morten Poulsen works in the intersection of sound art, politics, activism and artistic research. Through interventions, confrontations, conversations and collective reflection, Morten’s master project at RMC critically and self-critically questions the personal, structural and ideological presence of the white male voice and how listening is influenced by white western patriarchal values: How might we benefit from unhearing this white voice?

Instead of a conventional concert, Morten’s project will take form as an exhibition of art works; a connection point of disparate kinds of knowledges; a living archive of listening experiences. The exhibition urges us to look closer at what listening is and what it can be. Might a different understanding of listening be a way to disrupt and dismantle current paradigms and guide us towards change?

More on Morten Poulsen's website and Instagram.

15. Jun 2021
16.40 to 22.20
A115, RMC
Leo Mathisens Vej 1
Kbh K

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