Afgang 2018: João Grilo

(kandidat, nordic master: the composing musician)
22. Jun 2018

G l a s s   O c t o p u s 

João Grilo is a composer and a piano player from Portugal, and has been traveling and studying the last two years in Scandinavia. 

For this concert he will play compositions where he blends different musical languages with a focus on contemporary music.

He is playing with the marvelous fresh new band called Glass Octopus. For this concert they will explore the idea of continuous musical frames that are constantly varying — they are interested in periodic movements combined with irregularities. 

To make it simpler: they are interested in poetry.

See more on Facebook, listen on SoundCloud.

Line up:
João Grilo - compositions, piano. prepared piano, keyboard
Ricardo Coelho - drums , percussions 
Filipe Fernandes -electronics 
João Hasselberg - double bass, electric bass 


Photo Credits: Richard Young

22. Jun 2018
17.10 to 17.50
A118, RMC
Leo Mathisens Vej 1
Kbh K