Abstract Graphic Scoring: Multi-Sensory Music Making

Performance of abstract graphic scores by three different groups of musicians.
2. May 2019

Music is generally considered an auditory experience, but have you ever thought about how our other senses are involved? A new theory on the cognition behind music called the Embodied Music Cognition (EMC) theory stresses the role that our bodies and physical experiences play in our interpretation and creation of music.

This may seem like common sense to many musicians, who often pull from past experiences or associate works with certain colors, emotions, or textures to make meaning of the pieces that they hear and play. These would all be examples of how we map information from our other senses to create music. Music can’t actually possess physical textures, and it certainly can’t be a color or a shape, yet these mappings seem so natural and obvious to us that we never stop to question or seek to better understand them.

This event will will showcase how these sensory associations are used in music through the performance of abstract graphic scores, which rely heavily on these sensory associations due to their free form and the absence of verbal guidelines. Using works created by RMC instructor, saxophonist, and composer Laura Toxvaerd, different groups will perform their own unique interpretations of the scores. Copies of the scores will be available for audience members, who are encouraged to compare and contrast how these sensory associations are used in different performances of the work. There may also be optional interactive exhibits and opportunities for audience members, so listeners are asked to come with an open mind!

If you are interested in performing or assisting with the event, please contact Sophia Senderak on her mail.

2. May 2019
18.00 to 20.00
Akvariet, RMC
Eik Skaløes Plads 1
København K