Study guidance

Throughout their studies students have the opportunity to obtain guidance from the Conservatory’s study and career counsellor. Here the student can obtain advice on the structure of the programmes, the study environment, life after graduation, and more.

Study counsellor Helle Christiansen may be contacted via e-mail at, or by phone on +45 4188 2506.


Questions regarding the programmes and admission

Answers to most questions concerning the study programmes and entrance examinations at RMC may be found on this website. Before contacting the Conservatory, you should always first study the website well and read the answers to the frequently asked questions via the links below.

If you have further questions regarding the Academy's programmes and entrance examinations you can contact the study administration, who can provide answers to many questions or direct you to relevant academic staff members.

For questions regarding study programmes or student exchanges, please contact Study Secretary Ditte Mikkelsen via e-mail, or by phone on +45 4188 2504.

For questions regarding admission, please contact Study Coordinator Helle Christiansen via e-mail, or by phone  +45 4188 2506.


Student counselling

The Student Counselling Service is an institution under the Ministry of Higher Education and Science, and provides social, psychological and psychiatric guidance and treatment to students in long-cycle study programmes, across the boundaries of a number of educational institutions. The Student Counselling Service can assist in providing advice on financial and social problems, conversations on study-related problems, brief courses of treatment for personal problems, and group advice on problems relating to examination anxiety, thesis problems, stress, etc.

The Student Counselling Service has offices all over the country. You can contact the Student Counselling Service via its own website:


For questions regarding admission, please contact

Helle Christiansen
Study Coordinator
+45 4188 2506


For questions regarding study programmes, please contact

Ditte Mikkelsen
Study Secretary
+45 4188 2504