National cooporation

RMC strives at all levels to be an active and co-creative player in the Danish music business, and to participate in a wide variety of projects and partnerships throughout both the Danish music scene and artistic life in general. This applies to related educational institutions, organisations and commercial players in the Danish music industry.



RMC has an agreement with the Jazzhouse music venue in connection with one of the Conservatory’s curated concert series, entitled “RMC presents... ”. The agreement gives the Conservatory’s students an opportunity to present their artistic projects in front of an audience, and thereby both enhance their skills as musicians and raise awareness of their projects, both among the public and in the music industry.



The cultural centre Huset-KBH and RMC jointly organise a number of concerts which take place in Huset-KBH with the participation of the Conservatory’s students. The aim is to give Huset-KBH an opportunity to present a wide range of concerts with the new generation of musicians and songwriters, and to give Conservatory students (musicians, songwriters and sound engineers) experience and the opportunity to present their projects to a live audience at an established music venue in central Copenhagen.


The Royal Danish Academy of Music

RMC and The Royal Danish Academy of Music have established a special collaboration focusing on common concert projects, knowledge sharing, and collaborative development on a number of areas. The aim of the collaboration is to strengthen and further the development and the quality of the educations offered by the two institutions.


Spot Festival

RMC co-operates on the educational level with Spot Festival. Spot Festival takes place in the city of Aarhus, and focuses on showcasing artists and music exports. As part of their project work, students from the Sound Engineering and Music Management programmes work on the sound production and curating of a so-called Day Party during the festival. Many of the Conservatory’s other students usually also perform at the festival, which is visited by more than 300 international music industry professionals.


Strøm Festival

The Conservatory runs an annual workshop at Strøm Festival, highlighting the interface between ‘programmed’ and ‘handheld’ music. The workshop takes place at RMC. Strøm Festival focuses on electronic music in all its manifold facets and expressions. The festival, which has a global orientation, takes place in Copenhagen and has in recent years increased its range of both local and international workshops and master classes offered under the heading ‘Strøm School’.



In 2013, RMC and CPH:DOX entered into a partnership which gave rise to a debate event held in the Palads cinema, and two Artist Talks held at RMC, followed by concerts at two of the city's theatres – all as part of the CPH:DOX festival programme. Through this partnership, RMC wishes to reinforce its relations with the film industry, where music plays a significant role (dubbing, score composition, etc.). It is planned that the agreement with CPH:DOX will be extended and formalised in 2014.



RMC has a number of working relationships with the independent debate association Musikparlamentet (The Music Parliament), which focuses on facilitating current debates in order to foster development in the music industry and on the Danish music scene. The Music Parliament holds several of its events at RMC, to the benefit of both students and staff, as well as individual events created in collaboration with students from the Music Management programme.


Ministry of Culture Rectors (KUR)

Ministry of Culture Rectors (abbreviated KUR in Danish) is a co-operative forum for the principals of institutions under the Ministry of Culture. The forum discusses matters of common interest and assists the Ministry of Culture in solving specific tasks through the KUR secretariat.


Music Academy Rectors (MUR)

Music Academy Rectors (abbreviated MUR in Danish) is a co-operative forum for the principals of the four Danish music academies. MUR discusses matters of common interest and jointly solves a number of specific tasks, pursuant to the Executive Order on Study Programmes at the Academies of Music and the Opera Academy.

About cooperations

RMC has close working relations with a number of players in both the Danish and the international music scenes. The Conservatory is in continuous dialogue with a wide range of stakeholders in the music industry, including employers and other educational institutions, and in particular with the educational institutions under the Ministry of Culture. RMC is constantly working to establish fruitful relationships with both public and private sector partners who can contribute new knowledge, inspiration and networking value to the Conservatory and its students.

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