Diversity policy

RMC sees an active diversity policy as a prerequisite for realising its vision of being a pioneer among educational, academic and cultural institutions in contemporary music that educate the artistic innovators of the future.

It is essential for the educational profile and quality of RMC to promote the widest possible representation of the institution's artistic and social work within the frame-work provided and established by RMC itself. This is not only applied in relation to gender, ethnicity and social conditions, but also, for example, musical forms of expression, age, geographical background, sexual orientation and individual mental and physical conditions.

RMC commits to working purposefully to strengthen and encourage diversity in all aspects of the Conservatory's internal and external work. A permanent Diversity Committee with elected members representing students, teaching staff and administrative staff refers directly to the principle.

The Diversity Committee is to ensure action on initiatives that promote diversity at RMC within the Conservatory's core tasks, and the goal is to create a noticeable progress in relation to diversity at RMC. The Committee has a particular focus on areas where progress is limited or areas where special attention is needed to achieve the goal of attractive, diverse and open environments. Every two years and beginning in 2021, the Committee prepares an action plan for diversity at RMC.

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