Information for disabled students

Reading problems

Download and install the free program Adgangforalle (Access for All), which can read the text on the website in synthetic speech. Once the program is installed, highlight the text and click the play arrow to hear the text read aloud.


Public transport

Bus 9A from Copenhagen Central Station stops around 50 metres from the main entrance to the Conservatory.

Water buses 901 and 902 berth at the Opera, approximately 100 metres from the Conservatory’s main entrance.



Parking spaces are available immediately in front of the Conservatory’s main entrance at Leo Mathisens Vej 1. There are no specially-reserved parking spaces for disabled vehicles.


Entry phone

At the main entrance is an entry phone with a call function for reception or the lending department. Use the call function if you require help for opening doors with door closers.



The Conservatory’s administration is located on the first floor of the A building, which is not served by lifts. Instead, you should contact reception at the entrance on the ground floor.


Toilets for the disabled

There are a total of five toilets on the Conservatory’s premises with access for wheelchair users. The toilets are not equipped with safety armrests.


Concert halls

The Conservatory’s two concert halls are located on the ground floor. There is immediate access to the concert halls for wheelchair users.

The floor of the Conservatory’s large concert hall is divided into levels, with a step between each of the hall’s three levels. If necessary, ramps can be set up between the levels.

There is a toilet with wheelchair access in immediate connection to the Conservatory’s large concert hall.



The Conservatory’s canteen is in direct connection to and on the same level as the Conservatory’s large concert hall.


Teaching rooms

The Conservatory’s teaching rooms are located on the ground floor of the A building and in the U building on two floors, with lift connections between them.

There are toilets with wheelchair access on both floors of the U building.



The Conservatory’s student lounge (labelled Biblioteket (‘Library’) on the plan drawing) is located on the ground floor, with immediate access for wheelchair users.


Plan drawings

Here you can see plan drawings of the Conservatory.

Floor plan, Ground floor (PDF)
Floor plan, First floor (PDF)