Exchange Students


RMC student exchanges are organised within the framework of the Erasmus+ or Nordplus programmes.

Applicants for exchange at RMC must apply through the online application system EASY. (Outgoing exchange for RMC students, please see the RMC Intranet).


  • Students applying for an exchange period at RMC must have completed at least one year of bachelor studies in their home institution before the exchange.
  • It is possible to apply for exchange at all RMC programmes except European Jazz Master (EUJAM), Nordic Master - the composing musician (NoCoM) and Advanced postgraduate diploma (Soloist). Please find the RMC programmes here.
  • RMC accepts exchange applications for the whole academic year or the autumn semester only.
  • Exchange students at RMC must have subjects corresponding to full merit (30 ECTS per semester)

It is possible to apply for exchange at:

  • Bachelor 2nd year: all programmes
  • Bachelor 3rd year: only Music Production programme
  • Master 1st year: all programmes

Find information about the RMC programmes here.

On Bachelor 3rd year and Master 2nd year all internal RMC students (except BA3 Music Production) have an external fall semester outside the RMC campus. That is why these are not applicable for incoming exchange.
However, if it can be approved by your home institution, it is possible to apply for exchange at BA2 even though you will be a BA3 student at home - and possible to apply for exchange at MA1 even though you will be an MA2 student at home.


  • Application deadline is 1 March
  • Admissions decisions will be communicated through the application system EASY in April/May.

applicatIon IN EASY

When applying in the EASY application system, please note:

  • Unless changes are requires, exchange students will follow the same subjects as ordinary RMC students. Therefore, when you compose your study plan in the application, you can only choose a programme and not subjects in the drop-down menu.
  • Under 'Medias' and 'Documents' please note the instructions about what you need to upload - depending on which study programme you are applying for.
  • If you are not able to find your home institution in EASY or if you can not click the RMC appforms, your institution may not have joined the EASY system. However, you can still apply through EASY. Please ask the International coordinator at your institution to see the information below.

Apply here: EASY application system


  • If your institution is not using the online application system EASY, it has probably been created in EASY as an 'External institution'. That way your students will still be able to apply through EASY. If your students cannot find your institution in EASY, please contact IRC Morten Tandrup, who can arrange that your institution is created.
  • If your students can find your institution in EASY, but cannot click the appforms for RMC, it is probably because we do not have a partner agreement. Please contact IRC Morten Tandrup, who can mark your institution in EASY and make the RMC appforms applicable.
  • When one of your students submits an application, the specified coordinator at your institution will automatically receive an email from EASY. From this email you need to nominate (approve) the application. After the nomination, it will show up in EASY as an application that needs to be assesed by RMC.

Please contact us or the international office at your home institution for further information on application procedures.

International Coordinator

Morten Tandrup

+45 4188 2510

Semester dates


Autumn semester:

16/08/2021 - 28/01/2022

Spring semester:

31/01/2022 - 24/06/2022



Autumn semester:

17/08/2020 - 29/01/2021

Spring semester:

01/02/2021 - 25/06/2021