Advisory Board

RMC’s advisory board for the period 2018-21 consists of the following members:

Signe Lopdrup (chairman), CEO, Roskilde Festival

Kira Skov, Artist

Kristoffer Rom, Owner, Tambourhinoceros

Jacob Sørensen, Managing Director, The Bank

Johannes Dybkjær Andersson, CEO and Founding Partner, Volume

Anja Reiff, Chairman, Danske Musik- og Kulturskoleledere

Thomas Bundgaard, Viceprincipal, Skolerne i Oure



Tasks and composition

The advisory board is established in accordance with the provisions of the Danish Ministry of Culture Executive Order on Advisory Boards at the Ministry of Culture's Institutions of Higher Education – read it here.

The task of the advisory panel is to advise the rector on the quality and relevance to society of the study programmes, and on the development of new and existing programmes and new methods of teaching and examination. The rector must discuss all important issues relating to the quality, relevance and development of the study programmes with the advisory board. The advisory board provides annual comments on the employment situation for graduates of the Conservatory. The recommendations of the advisory board and RMC’s following-up on this are included in the Conservatory’s annual report to the Ministry.

Members are appointed for a term of four years and may be reappointed once. The advisory board meets at least three times a year, and the rector attends the meetings. The chairperson of the advisory board participates in meetings of the Conservatory Council in cases where the deliberations of the council relate to general questions concerning the quality, relevance and development of the study programmes, though at least twice annually.