Thomas Dockray
Music Education
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Thomas Dockrays billede

I've dwelt primarily in the murky world of the  troubadour, guitar-playing singer songwriter. I love the intersection of prose, comedy, and the everyday and mundane. Think Tom Waits, John Prine, Elliot Smith to give you a bit of a picture.

I'm originally from Tasmania, Australia, so you'll find hints of eucalyptus and burnt soil in my words and music. I'm busy gigging in pubs and other venues around Denmark and Sweden, mostly plying my trade solo or as a duo or trio. Always looking for more ears for my music!

I'm at RMC studying a masters degree in Music Education. My focus here is to improve on a system I developed to assist teaching a vision-impaired student in Melbourne, sort of a non-visual, audial version of conventional guitar tablature.

I found this system to be of great use with this particular student, and I hope the findings of my research can be of assistance to other music educators, especially those working with the vision-impaired. 

I've also been a guitar teacher for many years, and continue to teach privately from my studio in Frederiksberg.