Sofie Westh
Music Management
3. ÅR

A passion of mine is innovation and I possess a strong communicative ability which drives me and my high ambitions regarding alternative music forward. I’ve been working with upcoming artists in my DIY event-planning group, as a booker, as part of a record label and as a musician and composer. This has provided me with experience within the fields of live music, artist-management and cross-genre collaborations. It is essential for me to rethink processes, further develop and share experiences. Therefore, I strive to place myself where new trends and tendencies occur while nurturing my growing network, both nationally and internationally.

Current projects:

  • Owner and booker: madcyril + PARA (focus on cross-genre collaborations and curated shows)
  • Artist management: Deadpan
  • Still very active in music as a composer in Deadpan

Former projects:

  • Label: Premium Abundance/Third Coming Records (FR)
  • Communications: smash!bang!pow!/JOURNEY fest.
  • Booking: Lyse Nætter Literature Festival