Caroline Ravn Andersen
Music Management
3. ÅR
Caroline Ravn Andersens billede
In everything I do I work to professionalize the music industry. I love helping people reach their goals, and I think clarity might be the most important factor towards increasing value both individually and externally in organizations.

Throughout the last five years or so I’ve worked with a lot of different things. I guess you could say I’m a true all-rounder!

My bachelor’s in music management consists of courses like Project Management, Strategy and Organizational Theory, Economics, Marketing, Law, Music Sociology, and Innovation and Entrepreneurship. And that’s pretty much the kind of broad profile I bring when doing project management, working in boards or advising organizations or start-ups on their development.
I also enjoy moderating panel discussions and talks as well as conducting research like the Artist Management Report I made in the Spring of 2020.


Companies/organizations I work/have worked with: 
- Birk Storm Management (Project Manager)
- NordicLA (Project Manager, NordicLA Music Summit)
- DPA, Danske Populær Autorer (Board member) 
- SPOT+ (Curator)

- Presentation Skills // Kristian koch (PA, Communication)
- Spot the Future (Board member, Vice President)
- Gateway Music, DMF (Distribution)
- WILM, Women In Live Music (Fundraising)
- Royalties (Steering Commitee)
- UHØRT Festival (Communication, Business Coordination)
- Roskilde Festival (Artist Village)
- Musikforeningen RUSK (Board member, Vice President) 

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