Calum Builder
Music Performance
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Calum Builders billede

Calum Builder is a multi-award-winning Saxophonist and Composer. Originally hailing from Sydney, Australia, Calum has performed and composed in a vast array of musical spheres from large jazz ensembles to improvised theatre (as in 2017 where he was an artist in residence at the National Institute of Dramatic Arts in Sydney). For his work, he has been awarded numerous grants such as the Australian National University Grant and the Friends of The School Of Music Award for his creative services to the domestic music scene.

Having performed across Australia with some of the most prominent national acts Calum moved to Copenhagen Denmark, where he currently resides, to commence Masters studies at the Rythmik Musikkonservatorium. Known for his unique sound and style The Australian Newspaper wrote that his playing is “brimming with fresh ideas” and the Sydney Morning Herald commented that “Builder variously suggest Paul Desmond, Bernie McGann and Jackie McLean whilst already possessing a sound of his own”.

Calum’s current focus is on combining free improvisation with thoroughly orchestrated music, incorporating musicians from different traditions and styles. He aims to create communities around his music - which draws inspiration from mysticism, nature and psychology.  One of his current projects Murmuration Ensemble involves students and alumni from both the Kongelige Danske Musikkonservatorium and the Rythmik Musikkonservatorium - appealing to a new audience from a wide range of influences.

Aside from all of this...Calum sometimes takes the 32-hour journey back to the east coast of Australia to hang out and play music there (and also swim at the beach…)!  He has a keen interest in Politics and Theology, having previously studied both.