Afgang 2021: Uldis Vītols

(kandidat, music performance)
21. jun. 2021

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'Dissociative abstractions 2021' is a collection of sonic miniatures mirroring the omnipresence within a human being of multiple personalities and the interaction of these personalities with a broken social environment.

This piece is a contemplation, experiencing sound architecture through acoustic and electronic multi-layered resonance. The concept crosses the borders of installation and performance.
The paradoxically minimalist, harsh, and translucent work invites us to celebrate the lack of definition and lose our reality in a dreamful exhibition-like domain.

Composed by Uldis Vitols in collaboration with Aurelijus Užameckis, Margaux Oswald, Michał J. Biel, Szymon Pimpon Gąsiorek, Calum Builder and Niklas Fite.

The work is based on each performer's individual approach to sound and performance, creating cells that organically mutate in different ambiances. Uldis Vitols encourages us to perceive this work with the mentality of a sound exhibition, losing the framework of the audience and the stage.

'Dissociative Abstractions 2021' is a 20-35 minute cycle consisting of 8 open form parts. The composition is built upon the idea of the infinite repetition of this cycle, creating the possibility of experiencing the sound installation with live performers.

"Inspiration for this work comes from a very personal journey of being in isolation and confronted with a digital world. The sense of not being able to relate to the outside world shattered the complex nature of the fragile and hypersensitive human character. Being with a multi-layer personality each day is an inevitable instability of self-recognition."

21. jun. 2021
18.50 til 19.30
Akvariet, RMC
Leo Mathisens Vej 1
Kbh K

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