Afgang 2020: Victor Espasandín

(bachelor, komposition) OBS: Alle pladser optaget
18. aug. 2020

Victor Espasandín works with electronic and acoustic compositions. In this project he has explored a compositional method in collaboration with three other artists. Based on some electronically generated simulations of acoustic instruments, he has processed the music through a series of mutual musical reflections.

In the meeting between the acoustic and the electronic and in the mixture of styles, worlds and cultures, Victor seeks to create openings into something that could be called the wrongside of the music; one or more parallel universes that reveal the inside or back of the sounds and instruments. In the openings there is also a sense of community around everything that lies beneath and behind what we consciously perceive with our senses, but which connects us all as human beings.

In collaboration with: 
Manuel Espasandín 
Cæcilie Trier 
Victor Emil Kassebeer 

Listen on Victor Espasandín's website.


18. aug. 2020
18.50 til 19.10
Akvariet, RMC
Leo Mathisens Vej 1
Kbh K

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