Afgang 2020: Søren Elsborg

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18. aug. 2020

Behind the artist name e|s hides the electronic music producer Søren Elsborg.

He is the producer of several electronic / pop artist and a former member of the producerduo Fiji. In the active years of Fiji their electronic universe was praised in the press such as:

“Social Space [...] lyder som en – særdeles vellykket – krydsning mellem Mura Masa og Phlake”
- Gaffa

“The electro-pop genre just keeps getting better and better now that “Told You So” is up for streaming”
- Tongue Tied Magazine

“Given the tremendous lyrical frankness, the production is deceivingly stitched with sparkles, as if a rocket strewn across the sky with stars puncturing holes in the side.”
- B-sides & Badlands

But in late November 2019 the duo decided to split ways leaving the electro-pop island behind. After the break up Søren was faced with the choice of either turning into a full-time producer behind the face of other artists or re-inventing himself in a new way. e|s is the re-birth.

He will be performing the piece break up / down. A piece that takes you through all the parts of a break up or break down. From the doubts in love - to the fear of being alone - to hatered - all the way to closure and oblivion.

Inspired by artist such as Flume, Lido, Frank Ocean and Cashmere Cat he has managed to create his very own electronic universe sorruonding the story of not only his musical break up / down, but the feelings we all experinence at some points in our life.

Listen on SoundCloud.


18. aug. 2020
20.40 til 21.20
Akvariet, RMC
Leo Mathisens Vej 1
Kbh K

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