Afgang 2020: Selina Gin

(kandidat, music creation) OBS: Alle pladser optaget
12. aug. 2020

Best known as the eclectic front woman of Danish rock trio Nelson Can, Selina Gin has evolved from a high school punk singer to a fully fledged auteur. Taking the mantle as producer as well as lyricist, she creates hauntingly beautiful soundscapes to envelope her sometimes delicate, sometimes earth shattering voice in a chameleon like fashion. 

The project 'Why Can’t The Apocalypse Just Have A Decent Soundtrack?' is a personal reflection on how everyday life changed during the first couple of weeks of the Covid-19 breakout. 

As this may already seem far away from our reality now, Gin is opening a portal back to her constant conflicting emotions. The frustration of being acceptingly calm and on the other hand feeling paralyzed with heart-racing angst. The two opposites are a big part of Gin’s work, but doesn’t necessarily solve anything - it merely investigates and portrays.

The project is based on the importance of process, and making the frustrations of process of the project itself, a part of the piece. 

The piece will be performed Ida Urd (bas, synth, vocals), Anders Arendt (bas, synth), Maria Juntunen (drums, percussion), Mathilde Schultz (vocals), Luna Matz (vocals) and Selina Gin (synth, vocals).

Listen on Soundcloud, more info on Instagram and Facebook.

12. aug. 2020
21.30 til 22.10
Koncertsalen, RMC
Leo Mathisens Vej 1
Kbh K

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