Afgang 2020: Mergim Krasniqi

(kandidat, music creation) OBS: Alle pladser optaget
12. aug. 2020

“if i will only ever have one true love
in my life time
and that love
is me
isn’t it time
i get to know me better
isn’t it about time
i get to know
the greatest love-affair
of my life”

'I WANT TO FEEL RIGHT' takes you on a visual/audial journey of discovery, acceptance and self-love. The performance challenges the “I can’ts” “I won’ts” and the "I’m not good enoughs” that have always been present in the mind of the artist Mërgim Krasniqi.
Using banal video footage of his everyday life, Mërgim displays what an outsider would see looking in, whilst eerily contrasting this footage with the accompanying music he has created, allowing the audience to watch, hear and feel his ongoing inner battle with self sabotage and acceptance.
How can I feel right, if I am wrong?

Read more on Mërgim Krasniqi's Instagram or Facebook.


12. aug. 2020
17.30 til 18.10
Koncertsalen, RMC
Leo Mathisens Vej 1
Kbh K

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