Afgang 2020: Jonas Albrecht

(kandidat, music performance: nocom) OBS: Alle pladser optaget
18. aug. 2020

Man Is 

“Boys are taught to accept violence as a manly response to real or imagined threats. At the same time, men get little training in negotiating intimate relationships.” - Paul Kivel 

A Man  

“I think gender privileged folks also suffer under the system of patriarchy and one of the most dehumanizing ways they suffer is in their inability or difficulty in expressing feelings.” - Rona Fernandez 

A Man Is A Man 

In the multidisciplinary solo performance “Man Is A Man Is A Man Is A Man”, drummer Jonas Albrecht sets out to explore intimacy and vulnerability (or lack thereof) in a privileged and man-dominated world. By striving to approach the drums out of habit, he seeks to challenge normative patterns and male supremacy. In this intuitive attempt to give up control, Albrecht hopes to offer stimulation to transformative processes. 

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18. aug. 2020
18.00 til 18.40
A118, RMC
Leo Mathisens Vej 1
Kbh K

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