Afgang 2020: Ignacio Córdoba

(bachelor, musiker) OBS: Alle pladser optaget
12. aug. 2020

Ignacio Córdoba is a small person from a small village in the mountains of Madrid who lost touch with reality through tours and trips around the world with The Box, a mysterious electronic self-made God which renders him electionless to the omnipotence of its oscillation. 

He will be performing three songs from his upcoming album 'Is This A House'. A collaborative record of mysterious and poetic stories sung by G.W. Sok of pioneer Dutch band The Ex, a group that has taken their punk origins to new realms of freejazz, noise, ethiopian music, theater and more. 

Sok and Córdoba met in 2017 at Worm Studios in Rotterdam. A year later they met again for some recording sessions blending Sok's unmistakable voice and storytelling with Ignacio's electrification in what was the germ of a project that has now expanded with friends from the European improvising underground and that will be played live by a line up of the record's core members.

G.W. Sok - Vocals
Ignacio Córdoba - Cassette 4-track, Sampler, Electric Guitar, Oscillator
Michał Biel - Saxophones, Cassette 4-track, Sampler
Halym Kim - Drums
Laust Moltessen -  Electric Guitars, Oscillator

Listen on Bandcamp or read more on Tumblr


12. aug. 2020
18.20 til 18.40
A118, RMC
Leo Mathisens Vej 1
Kbh K

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