Afgang 2020: Calum Builder

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20. aug. 2020

Messe (You Are Where You Need To Be)

Does it even matter if the Divine does not exist?
Perhaps, it exists because we need it to?

'Messe (You Are Where You Need To Be)' is a deconstructed Traditional Latin Messe composed for seven voices, seven saxophones and seven double basses. It explores the inherent tension surrounding faith and the role that rituals and ceremonies play in society.  The stories, myths and metaphors which are found in all religions, are larger than us. They depict humanity as a collective of storytellers who are just trying to explain some sort of ultimate reality - struggling to make sense of it all.

To have faith is to wrestle with ideas and experiences, it is a balancing act.

'Messe' invites you to sit and reflect on what it really means to have faith and a relationship with the Divine.

Calum Builder - Alto saxophone, conductor, composer
Cosimo Fiaschi - Soprano saxophone
Carolyn Goodwin - Soprano saxophone)
Jonas Engel - Alto saxophone
Daniel Sousa - Alto saxophone
Miguel Crozzoli - Tenor saxophone
Nana Pi Larsen - Tenor saxophone
Michal Bieł - Baritone saxophone
Therese Aune - Vocal
Susana Nunes - Vocal
Thea Wang - Vocal
Lucie Szabová - Vocal
João Neves - Vocal
Kenneth Reid - Vocal
Josh Herring - Vocal
Jesper Nordberg - Bass
Asger Tjomsen - Bass
Mark Gregersen - Bass
Petter Asbjørnsen - Bass
Luca Curcio - Bass
Rafał Różalski - Bass

Read more on Calum Builder's website.

20. aug. 2020
21.10 til 21.50
Koncertsalen, RMC
Leo Mathisens Vej 1
Kbh K

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