Afgang 2019: Maxe Lu Alicia

(kandidat, music creation)
18. jun. 2019

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Maintaining a Body Which is Capable of Colliding With Other Bodies is one of many open training concerts by featherweight singer/songwriter Maxe ‘Still Tough and a Cutie’ Alicia. Within the holistic artistic research project 'Fitness for Songwriters', Maxe forces consequences into play by connecting compositional work directly to the cardiovascular system and muscle endurance. With the experience we know as heartbreak in mind, Maxe skips through various states of pain, while at the same time strengthening the heart. You could say that songwriting is a matter of maintaining a body, which is capable of colliding with other bodies.

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18. jun. 2019
19.40 til 20.20
Koncertsalen, RMC
Leo Mathisens Vej 1
Kbh K