Afgang 2019: Kjetil Mulelid

(kandidat, music performance)
20. jun. 2019

Kjetil Mulelid is not only a fascinating good pianist who draws on music that goes as far as psalm, folk, classical and pop as free jazz, he also knows how to translate these into strong compositions” - Written in Music, Netherlands.

He will now present his final master concert with a new acoustic quintet. Music exploring the combination of his own written music and collectively improvised music:

"Mulelid has carved out a distinctive niche for himself, neatly straddling the cusp between composition and improvisation and avoiding the clichés of both American and Scandinavian jazz." - The Jazz Man, United Kingdom.


Kjetil Mulelid - piano 
Karoline Wallace - vocal 
Erik Kimestad Pedersen - trumpet 
Johannes Vath - double bass
Jakob Høyer - drums

More info on the webpage.

20. jun. 2019
20.00 til 20.40
A118, RMC
Leo Mathisens Vej 1
Kbh K