Afgang 2019: Julius Windisch

(kandidat, european jazz master)
18. jun. 2019

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Project Title: Threshold 

The concert combines different contrasting elements such as: 
detailed and delicate composition with open improvisation, 
the naturalness of the human voice with electronic, artificial sounds, 
exact and periodic rhythms with arbitrary events in time. 
All of this and more while everyone has lots of fun. 

I grew up in a town called Offenburg in Germany. After a while I thought that playing the piano could be fun. 

My mother is a tax accountant and my father works for Mercedes and does many things with wood. They live in a white house and have two big trees in their garden. My older brother studied law and keeps bees in his garden. 

I am lucky enough to have spent the last 2 years in the rich musical scenes of Copenhagen, Berlin and Amsterdam where I was able to meet many different, highly inspiring human beings and musicians from all over the world.

This summer I get to tour with three different projects from Berlin and Amsterdam all playing original music of mine and more. The debut Album of my Berlin based quartet will be released in early 2020. 


Julius Windisch - piano, Prophet 600, computer
Elina Silova - voice
Mette Nadja Hansen - voice
João Neves - voice
Peter Bruun - drums

See more on the webpage and listen on Soundcloud and YouTube.


18. jun. 2019
18.50 til 19.30
Akvariet, RMC
Leo Mathisens Vej 1
Kbh K