Afgang 2019: Halym Kim

(kandidat, music performance)
19. jun. 2019


With the project 'Bijul' Halym Kim presents a new band that plays new compositions which are influenced by the traditional Korean music. The Korean influences are coming from different types of the traditional music such as shamanistic, folkloristic and percussive music and they are transmitted into a context of experimental and improvised music. All pieces are composed by Halym Kim and express his interpretation and perception of a “foreign” culture. The compositions also display his thoughts about the political situation in South Korea, the Korean philosophy and the current society. 

Halym Kim is a drummer from Germany who is now based in Copenhagen. Because of his multicultural background he is working on concepts about how to transfer elements of the traditional Korean music into contemporary music. Beside that he is active in the Copenhagen music scene and playing in different constellations. He is founder of The Monday Band and a new board member of The Community. To expand his understanding of music he is also taking lessons in the Korean percussion instruments Changoo and Soribuk and is member of the percussion group Doodulsori from Berlin.


Halym Kim  - drums
Erik Kimestad - trumpet
Nana Pi - tenor saxophone
Eloi Calame - bass clarinet
Grzegorz Tarwid  - piano

Listen on YouTube.


19. jun. 2019
19.00 til 19.40
Koncertsalen, RMC
Leo Mathisens Vej 1
Kbh K