Afgang 2019: Albert Karch

(kandidat, music creation)
18. jun. 2019

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'鳥語' 'Torigo'

Inspired by Satoshi Ashikawa, Japanese composer and important figure in the 1980s’ environmental music movement, I want to investigate the relation of ambience, length, sound design and expression. The presentation will contain of recorded music featuring Japanese singer Ichiko Aoba and ask questions. 

'Torigo' '鳥語' is a combination of two Japanese letters, one for bird, the other for language. I thought about the ambience the birds create - they keep talking around us all the time. They mean the beautiful soundscape they create. I also want to really mean what I create as musical background for others.

Can ambient and narration enrich each other, deepening the musical experience? 

How should creators react to the excessive musical environments of today?

When does background music become aggressive?

Can we still even listen to music today?

And can we truly listen?

Line-up (please note it will be a presentation of recorded music)

Albert Karch - piano, percussion
Ichiko Aoba - voice, lyrics
Jagoda Stanicka - piano
Aleksandra Bocian - flute
Karina Kamizela - flute

Se more on Albert's Instagram and Ichiko Aoba's Instagram.

I’m a producer and drummer, recently playing piano more and more. My biggest Interests are in detail and compositional integrity, I’ve released 12 albums with different musical approaches. Now my focus is my own electronic duo Nenne and curatorial series “Celestially Light”,  where I’m searching for balance of expression, length, sound design and integrity. I travel often.

18. jun. 2019
18.00 til 18.40
A118, RMC
Leo Mathisens Vej 1
Kbh K