Afgang 2018: Camilla Battaglia

(Kandidat, european jazz master)
20. jun. 2018

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This project is the connection between the will of writing for large ensemble, experimenting with soundscapes between natural and electronic and the urge to tell the stories of four female figures of the ancient greek culture, who strongly struggled for different reasons.

Since it's music dedicated to human profiles I tried to reproduce the complexity of their multilayered characteristics in the mcompositions. 
The music has lots of inspiration the orchestration techniques of K. Wheeler, serial composition tools, rhythmic and displaced melodc ideas from electronic music (daedelus, aphex twin), but also texts, verses and lyrics from the literature patrimony that told their stories.

Camilla Battaglia - vocals
Anna Serierse - vocals
Francesco Bigoni - tenor sax
Eugene Lontos - trombone 
Joshua Jaswon - alto sax
Adrian Redondo - tuba
Jakob Sorensen - trompet
Joao Grilo - piano and keyboards
Asger Thomsen - electric bass
Luca Curcio - doublebass
Jan Kandereit - drums
Gianluca Elia - electronics 


20. jun. 2018
22.10 til 22.50
A118, RMC
Leo Mathisens Vej 1
Kbh K