Afgang 2018: Alexander Dawo

(bachelor, musiker)
14. jun. 2018

I am a double bass player investigating in the immediate experience whilst performing.

The starting point or philosophy of my practice and performing art is that there is only presence and thoughts – including ideas, concepts, imaginations of the past/future. They are falling into the consciousness experiencing/being aware of this presence such as other sensations (body, breath etc.) and are neither observing nor controlling but are part of this experience.

This leads to the insight that ideas such as "I am performing", "I should change/keep the way the performance is", "I do/do not exist", "It is important/not important what the audience thinks about me" etc. are just that – ideas.

Ideas that are changing all the time, impossible to grasp such as water in a river and with no power to either describe reality accurately nor to change it since it is changing always and anyways. The try to change anything is rather thinking about something that is already gone than an actual action – and probably leads to missing a lot of what is now, for the price of paying attention to the thoughts and imaginations.

The expected line-up for the evening is double bass solo plus bass amp.


14. jun. 2018
18.30 til 18.50
Akvariet, RMC
Leo Mathisens Vej 1
Kbh K