Afgang 2017: Morten Schantz

(solist, piano)
31. maj. 2017

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About the artist: Morten Schantz is a Danish pianist and composer whose work includes power-synth-trio, 'Morten Schantz Godspeed' which was released to worldwide critical acclaim in 2017 and has often been described as this generation's Weather Report by magazines and papers such as Downbeat, London Evening Standard, The Guardian and many more.

Morten is also a founding member of Scandinavian super band, JazzKamikaze, who met at RMC in the early 00's.

About the concert: 'Paramount' is a 50 minutes continuously running piece in the genre of classical piano concerto in 5 movements. The title reflects the many important treasures I found on my way through the classical music history that was somewhat new to me when I started at the school.

In my work I have been focused on different counterpoint techniques dating back to the early 1700's and leading up to present time, from Johann Fux' 1725 masterpiece, 'The Study of Counterpoint' through Bach, Mahler, Bartok and all the way up to contemporaries such as Steve Reich.

As I am a jazz pianist there is a significant emphasis on the rhythmic aspect and improvisation.




I - Anticipation of the Great Unknown

II - Crossings

III - Displaced Objects

Scherzo Oscuro

IV - Whirlwinds

V - Finale

(approx 52 minutes)


Soloist - Morten Schantz (piano)

Conductor - Nikolaj Bentzon

Peter Halaburt - oboe
Anders Banke - flutes, clarinet & bass clarinet
Niels Aamand Pedersen - french horn
André Jensen - trombone & bass trombone
Mads Drewsen - percussion
Tine Rehling - harp
Morten Schantz - piano
Bettina Ezaki - violin
Pernille Kristiansen - violin
Mika Persdotter Svensson - viola
Nicole Hogstrand - cello
Kasper Vadsholt - double bass
Anton Eger - drums & percussion







Projektet er støttet af DJBFAs Produktionspulje og Kodas Kulturelle Midler.

With support from DJBFA – Composer and Songwriters Production Pool and Kodas Cultural Funds.

31. maj. 2017
21.00 til 22.00
Koncertsalen, RMC
Leo Mathisens Vej 1
København K