Afgang 2017: Johanna Sulkunen

(solist, vokal)
11. dec. 2017

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Sonic discoveries through human language and electronics

Inspired by the (early) electronic music, jazz, improv and contemporary classical music. A big inspiration has been Zen Buddhist koans. The language - in this case koans - has been broken into pieces exposing the poetics of a sonic micro-material of language. This material is used for instant composing - improvising. 

In 2016 I travelled to Japan and recorded some material in Buddhist temples. I had to contextualize the texts that I'm working with somehow. I also wanted to record the surroundings where I travelled to use that as a framework and mind-set for the coming album. The sound that I collected are since then mutated and manipulated electronically, but it reminds me from the silence of the temples and the importance of the now.

The main source, starting point and the subject of investigation is the voice and it's dialogue with the electronics. The close relation of human vocal sounds and electronic sounds create a symbiosis where electronics become embodied in the human body and voice becomes electric.

Johanna Sulkunen - voice & electronics

Tapani Toivanen - visuals 

John Fomsgaard - sound tech

Michael Østerz - light

11. dec. 2017
19.00 til 20.00
Akvariet, RMC
Leo Mathisens Vej 1
København K